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Boston, 2016

Area 1500 sq.ft.

Main Use Exhibit Space

Tha ARCHI TAPAS exhibit was held at the Gallery in NESAD at Suffolk University. This exhibit represents a collection of Interior Architecture student’s work that was produced during the Study Abroad Program in Madrid, Spain.


The concept for the exhibit was based on the interpretation of two themes behind the Suffolk University study abroad program - one was focused on the creation of unconventional architectural solutions using conventional design elements and materials and another one focused on temporary strictures.


Our proposal for the exhibit triggers the imagination and rests on the basic idea tries to capture the nature of the program that was created a series of exercises that focus on the dialectic discourse between the familiar and the unconventional.


We decided to use the commonly used mover’s boxes as a module that captures both - ideas of familiarity and transiency (temporary nature).  


The space was organized around a small pavilion that was constructed from 12x 24 boxes. This enclosure was housing suspended “plates” with “servings” of student’s sketches and watercolor drawings depicting their experiences during their travels in Spain.


Students' final design projects were exhibited on the wall that was lined with boxes’ tops. These tops were arranged in a specific pattern that created a rhythmic line.

* Designed in Collaboration with Suffolk University students G. Dipietro, E. Sultanova, G. Hornstein, L. Dalton, B. Lieberman, L. Mansouri, M. Lobsein, M. Lukas (Endicott College) 

IMG_9859 (1)_edited.jpg
IMG_9797 (1)_edited.jpg
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