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Marblehead, MA 2010

Area 3000 sq. ft.

Main Use Residential

Design concept for Domus Uno conceived as the superposition of two different and complimentary levels: the ground level that embraces the structure of the existing house built in 1953, which makes up a base where inhabitants can find several collective functions (kitchen, living room, family/ music room and dining room), and the top level, where most of the private spaces (bedrooms and bathrooms) are condensed.

The structural conception of the building is based on the clear division of public and private spaces. While the ground level is permeable and transparent, to invite guests and promote activities that involve entire family, the top level is based on enclosed spaces and large windows in order to get daylight in the morning and during the day.


By adopting contemporary and traditional design language, this project reflects the life of the modern family that is rooted in tradition while embracing new ways of leaving.

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