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Somerville, MA, 2015

Area 1750 sq.ft.

Project Scope InteriorDesign

This project was a renovation of the artist’s studio in the old factory building in Somerville, MA. Originally space was designed as one big open environment with glass wall on one side and entrance door on the opposite side. Due to the significant depth of the space, natural light was always an issue.

When client decided to convert it into a residential loft, natural light become even more of an issue because now space would have to incorporate living zones as well as working zones and function more like an apartment rather than open loft.

One of the starting points was client’s requirements to maximize natural light in the space with the focus on live/ work space. It was decided that work zone should receive direct natural light while sleeping zone (bedrooms) could benefit from borrowed light that can be filtered through translucent panels. The role of translucent panels was doubled as additional reflective surfaces in the space that in addition to transmitting natural light will also reflect it deeper in the space. In addition to translucent polycarbonate panels other reflective materials were used to maximize natural light in the space. These materials include reflective ceiling paint, polished countertops and concrete floors and light finishes throughout.

Funneled hallway that connects entry with the main living space serves not only at as a spine for the apartment that connect all vital functions, but also as a channel for natural light, allowing it to travel deep in the space.

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