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Hohhot, China, 2018

Client Private

Area 31,800 sqm

Main Use Retail, Cultural Space

Conventional department stores are facing big competition from the online shops. Online store offers flexibility and endless variety of products at very competitive prices. In recent years department store were facing a lot of challenges as their traditional model quickly become obsolete. To avoid store closings, they were forced to reinvent themselves by developing a new model that will reflect current trends. Many famous department stores, like Galleries Lafayette in Paris and Selfridges in London, underwent series of redesigns to accommodate technological innovations and adapt to the changing social and cultural shifts. These redesigns mostly focus on aesthetic changes and short-term solutions instead of investigation a long-term trajectory that retail environments may take in the future and what role and impact it will have on our society.

In TDM project we propose a new model for the department store rethinking the contemporary notion of physical shopping experience. Our goal was to translate hustle-free, hands-free online shopping experience into the real-world experience, making offline shopping more enjoyable. In our day-to-day life our activities are never limited to a single experience. When we go to a show or a ball game, we enjoy multitude of experiences by meeting friends, having a drink, buying a gift… and also watching a show or a game. Arguably, shopping experience does not need to be restricted to looking at piles of merchandise and carrying a shopping basket through the store. It can be redefined to include activities that will enhance our lives and make us choose store shopping over the shopping on the screen.

Historically department stores did not only focus on the development of consumerism, but they also acted as catalysts for social exchange. They were anchor points for public life within busy urban societies. In 20th century this aspect of retail environment was lost and our stores become mere places for monetary-to-goods transactions.

In this project we saw an opportunity to develop a new model of retail environment by redefying the historic concept and bringing back the idea of the social importance of the department store. We created the environment that evolves around social activities. By preserving the core values of the retail, we introduced cultural and gastronomic programs along with variety of treatment services. The store invites public to engage in unexpected activities and events such as fashion shows, screening, sport activities, exhibitions, lectures and art performances, transforming the TDM department store from narrow-focused retail environment into a n interactive social hub and cultural and sports destination.

TDM store is a place where visitors can enjoy spending time and socialize in addition to shopping ultimately becoming a new paradigm for public space in the urban realm…

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