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Office of Jie Zhao, Markus von Zabern and Anna Gitelman

Zhao von Zabern Gitelman is a international architecture practice founded by Jie Zhao, Markus von Zabern and Anna Gitelman in 2017.The creative team is based in Boston with offices in China and Russia. The practice is currently working on projects in China, Russia and United States.


Zhao von Zabern Gitelman is a creative partnership of three original thinkers in the architecture and design world. Jie Zhao hails from China and has experience designing world-class buildings internationally. Two other partners -  Markus von Zabern, who is native New Englander with German roots, and Anna Gitelman, who was born in Russia - are both have design and architectural experience that traverses many countries. Together, they founded Zhao von Zabern Gitelman in 2017. The trio believes in harmony found through the unity of art and architecture. They see their studio as a laboratory dedicated to researching issues of globalism, technology, and materiality through the built form. Balancing education, practice, and research, the office explores an innovative approach to architecture and design of urban environments and technologies that build them.

The studio's work spans in scope from brand identities to architecture.

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