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Architizer / Sunbrella The Future of Shade  2017

Scope Competition Entry

A pixel is a minute area of illumination on a display screen, one of many from which an image is composed. Isolated and out of context, they are lifeless and meaningless. But, when combined in a pattern, they find purpose and send a message. Pixel is a project that combines real-life ‘pixels’ in a formation that gives meaning to its environment, a versatile and unique creation in each new setting.

The City Hall Plaza in Boston is a large plaza dominated by the concrete City Hall. Surrounded by similar looking office buildings, the plaza offers no shelter or protection from the beating summer sun or the gusty fall and spring. Office workers on lunch break are often forced to sit in the wind or sweltering sun on concrete benches. Our modular overhangs offer a solution to this problem.

The frame is composed of two C-shaped profiles made of lightweight aluminum with three Sunbrella fabric panels on the roof and two sides of the module. The holes are laser cut into the fabric to prevent the structure from being flipped over by the wind. The wood paneling is flat, but can be folded to become a seat with a back. The boxy design reflects the geometry of the surrounding buildings while standing out with its bright coloring from the grey Boston background.

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